Scripting Enabled - Day One

Day one of Scripting Enabled is over and I am still wondering how exactly we pulled it off. My guess is that about 90 people showed up and listened to the presentations of all the people I have to thank for a splendid job:

I have to thank everyone involved in the support of the event, Matt Locke from Channel 4 for the initial funding and support, Ian Forrester and Rain Ashford of BBC backstage for filming the whole event (12 GB of movie material to upload and convert), (Mother) Henny of Opera for transcribing once we picked the movies, Marco van Hylckama Vlieg for shooting over 400 pictures with skill I lack, Ann Willis and Martin Wright of the Metropolitan University for sorting out venue and catering and a few others I will mention once I am awake again.

Things to make sure in the future:

Time for bed - see you tomorrow.