And we’re off…

10.20 in the evening before the big event. At 7.30 I will meet with a friend at the train station to pick up the only person we got in for Scripting Enabled from another country: Jeroen Wijering to help people make the JW player the best and most accessible player out there.

Nearly all the speakers called me at one time or another to ask details about their presentations and if what they do is enough, so I am having a really great feeling about this - I want to move the accessibility world closer to the current developer world and we’re primed to get this done.

8.30 I will be at the location with another workmate and friend coming along as the official photographer and the BBC backstage folk putting up the camera equipment. I am sure most of the presenters will come very early, too, to try out their equipment.

Time for bed soon I think, looking forward to seeing all that are signed up tomorrow!